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Salt / Sand Ceremony Vessel



  • Rental of my individual sand vessels.
  • Rental of my complete table set up (will bring a couple choices for added decoration - I will try to match your colors if you'd like).
  • 1 Keepsake vessel with combined sand/salt from your ceremony (you are responsible for transporting it home - the vessel may or may not have a stopper/lid).

The picture represents an option of vessel I can get

Vessels may differ from picture but will be beautiful glass & I will attempt to have 2 choices available & will send pictures of choices prior to ceremony.  I find a lot of vintage bottles/jars/vases if you are interested or maybe cut or blown glass?  Or something brand new & modern?

You keep the vessel with your combined sands.

You can choose the colors of sand (salt remains white) or you can use sand from the beach.  

COLORS: I will tell you that when you order colors of sand, they may not match your color scheme exactly so a lot of time I recommend just white & black sand - if you would like the colors, I can order them but I cannot guarantee that the color will be a perfect match to your color scheme. If you can get me an example of your color (mail a swatch or bring one to our initial meeting) I will try to match it as closely as possible.

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