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Informal Photo Sets:

10-15 'action' shots before/during/after ceremony (dad walking with bride, mom being seated, the kiss, to procession after) = 1 set (I would take video at different angles during the ceremony & then take individual stills from the videos of the shots you would like) - I will touch up the photos for you - $40

15-20 'posed' photos with 4-5 different poses (3-4 of each pose to ensure at least 1 good shot of each pose) = 1 set (I would be your photographer before/after ceremony) - I will touch up the photos for you - $40

**I will give you an 'options' sheet for your choice of poses

~~~ If you get the 'Posed' set & the 'Action' set, I will throw in the raw video & the raw photos for free ($80 for all)

You have rights to the photos - you also allow me to use the photos in my advertising with a signed release

 ** I must reiterate, I am NOT a pro but I love photography & you can see some examples of my work on this site :)

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