We love to celebrate love & life...in all of its stages

Commitments & Weddings

Commitment ceremonies mean many different things 

to many different people.  

Wedding...Civil Union...Handfasting...Domestic Partnership

The list goes on & on.

A traditional wedding can be just that, traditional...

or if you want something completely 'different'

&  'non-traditional', we can do that too!

A commitment ceremony can look just like a wedding with the same 

attire & hundreds of guests - but 

no marriage license.  Or, it can be the most alternative event imaginable!  

A ceremony to bless your relationship or just a big 

party to celebrate your love of life!  

A huge bash with all the family & friends attending or an intimate 

exchange between you & your partner...

call it a commitment ceremony, a wedding, a union or anything else you like.  

                                       It's your love...your life...your celebration!

Renewal of Vows

It used to be that the only time you would 

renew your wedding vows would be 

for a milestone anniversary, 

such as 10, 25 or 50 years of marriage.  

Vow renewals have become more common among couples for a variety of different reasons.  If a couple was not able to have the wedding they wanted, they may renew their vows when & where they would like.  Others may renew their vows as a sign of their love & to strengthen their bond with each other after going through a rough time.  For whatever the reason,

                                                                       it's your love...your life...your celebration!

Life Celebration

There are celebrations for welcoming a friend or family member. 

Formal Christenings & Baptisms are still held in church communities,

yet many parents choose to have a more 

informal gathering & these are referred to as 

Baby Blessings, Naming or Adoption Ceremonies.  

They serve to remind us of hope and the infinite potential 

of a new family member and to acknowledge everyone’s 

responsibility to the next generation.  

These ceremonies affirm the intertwined lives of family and friends. 

How you decide to welcome those new members is completely up to you....

 it's your love...your life...your celebration!

Saying goodbye....

Memorials are held after a passing to meet the needs of family & friends.  

Attendees have an opportunity to honor the memory of the deceased, express love and affection 

and most of all, celebrate the life of the individual.  

Some families want to release the ashes of their loved one & grieve, 

others want to laugh & have a great time.  

However you decide...

it's your love...your life...your celebration!